Quarantine 15 and How to Beat It

What is quarantine 15 and what to do about it?   Quarantine 15 is a common weight gain issue caused by being in isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic. We've basically been locked up inside our houses from March to middle of June. That's 3 month of poor choices, depression, stress, uncertainty and mindlessness. What... Continue Reading →

Home Office Essentials

It's always been my goal to work from home. But now, it's the reality and a necessity for most people around the word. In my opinion, it's a sign of trust and  respect when companies have a work from home policy. I feel more motivated and productive working from my own space rather than wasting... Continue Reading →

Wine Lover Gift Guide

For The Wino In Your Life   Camille Long Stem Wine Glasses Why I love this? Badass, Classy and Elegant Red Wine Glasses, Olive Pope Style. The shape of the glass really opens up the wine for allowing great aromas and notes to come through.  Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil Why I love this? The... Continue Reading →

Travel Essentials

Genius Pack Hardside Luggage Spinner Why I love this? Very lightweight and stylish luggage with laundry compartment and pockets for socks/cables, etc. AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set Why I love this? Extra cubes to organize all of your clothes, tech and shoes.  Foam Neck Pillow with Eye Masks & Earplugs Why I... Continue Reading →

Home Gym Essentials

A Complete Guide to a fully equipped home gym. 90% of items can be purchased on Amazon but I also included a few more expensive add-ons. There's nothing more convenient and motivating than setting up a gym (even if it's just a corner in a room). Free Weights Resistance Bands TRX Training Slam Ball (6-50lbs)... Continue Reading →

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