How does microblading work and is it worth it?

What is microblading? How does it work?¬† If you have naturally blonde, pale brows and/or they are not full enough... You need microblading! Microblading is a new-ish technique used to create natural looking brows that are semi permanent. You can think of it as a brow tattoo that needs to be touched up every year... Continue Reading →


Wine Country Inspired Date Ideas

Never Stop Dating... If you ask any person about a marriage advice, they'll most likely say "never stop dating your spouse". I agree. I think it's one of the ways to keep a sense of adventure and discovery, even after years of dating and marriage. One of the first things that my husband and I... Continue Reading →

Russian Pelmeni (Ravioli) Recipe

Nothing like quarantine boredom to bring out your old childhood recipes! I remember having pelmeni regularly for dinner. It was an easy and fast snack that can be dressed up with sour cream (how Russian), butter or even pesto. Pelmeni is basically a Russian version of world famous ravioli or dumplings. Typically filled with a... Continue Reading →

Dog Friendly Wine Tasting in Sonoma

Sonoma has over 150 wineries open to the public all year long (well, not during Covid, of course) and most of the wineries are kid and dog friendly. It is, however, a good idea to make sure to check if wineries you're going to visit offer a comfortable amenities for you and the dogs. I... Continue Reading →

Unique Adventures in Sonoma County

As we're enjoy the comfort of our own homes and dreaming about the life outside their 4 walls, I put together a list of unbelievable adventures in Sonoma County. Forget about the wine, you've probably been drinking everyday during the lockdown. Try these awesome adventures instead! Love is in the Air! HeliCo Sonoma offers a... Continue Reading →

Home Office Essentials

It's always been my goal to work from home. But now, it's the reality and a necessity for most people around the word. In my opinion, it's a sign of trust and ¬†respect when companies have a work from home policy. I feel more motivated and productive working from my own space rather than wasting... Continue Reading →

Traveling during Covid-19 pandemic

About 6 months ago I surprised my mom with tickets to Paris for her 55th birthday. It just happended to be during my birthday, too. We wanted to see everything we could in Paris, as well as one of the wine regions and other small towns. Up until March things were looking good, but by... Continue Reading →

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