About Me


Hi all, 

I’m Vlada. I live in Marin County with my best friend and husband, Shawn, and our two dogs, Dago and Dobby. We’ve lived here for over 4 years and love everything the North Bay has to offer. 

I currently work in real estate, as the Community Relations Manager of a luxury development in Marin. 

I love all things real estate, interior design and home decor, shopping, fitness, travel and the North Bay food scene. 

I love meeting new people and have built a career around my authenticity and people skills. I’m blunt, honest and and swear a little. 

I’m interested in collaborating with designers, Realtors and bloggers on the area. Below are a few of my clients’ testimonials and resumé. 


“The simplest things are often the truest”. Richard Bach