Quarantine 15 and How to Beat It

What is quarantine 15 and what to do about it?


Quarantine 15 is a common weight gain issue caused by being in isolation during the Covid 19 pandemic. We’ve basically been locked up inside our houses from March to middle of June. That’s 3 month of poor choices, depression, stress, uncertainty and mindlessness.

What are you eat during self-quarantine and sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic? It might sound good to stock up on a ton of frozen food and grains, at first. Then you either get sick of it or you realize that you’re feeling even less energetic and more depressed due to poor food choices.

Another main issue during quarantine happens to be the fear of leaving the house to get any kind of activity. The first two weeks of March were the worst for me. It felt so unreal to be in complete shut down that I didn’t feel like going on a run yet alone leaving my bed. But little by little I start to push myself to get more active.


How to beat Quarantine 15?!


First step, find a workout program that you’re actually enjoying and feel proud to complete. It can be anything from yoga to weight lifting. The point is to get committed to a daily workout and make your calendar/planner when it’s done. Then wake up and do it again. For me, it was my Peloton bike. Not only do they have multiple instructors to choose from but also different style of classes, leader board for motivation, and daily/weekly achievements that you can earn. If you like collecting cool badges, check it out.

Peloton All Access Membership gives you the studio experience on your Bike or Tread and the Peloton App with multi user memberships. $39/mo. You can take class on your phone, Apple TV, bike and Thread.

Peloton Bike or Tread (use code HR98U5)

Once I got serious about my cardio on the bike and built a schedule, I started looking deeply into fat loss. Here I found the app that I have been paying for years but never really used – Sweat. If you look into it now, you will see that they have moved from just one “in home based workout” program to lifting, lifting at home, gym based programs, yoga, pre and post  pregnancy, etc.

Lifting at Home with Stephanie Sanzo was my best choice and after only  4 weeks of regular 4-5 day/week sessions, I was down by 10% body fat. That’s a lot! Even if you don’t see major changes on the scale, losing body fat is a main step toward a better and healthier body and mind.

Sweat app is $19.99 per month or you can pay annually. You are able to choose from all programs available, input your stats like reps and sets completed as well as weigh used. For me, Build is the only weight lifting program that I got excited about and stuck to until completion. If you have a good idea for the actual structure and workout routine you like, it’s cheaper to use an app like JEFIT to program your workouts.

Lastly, find an outdoor activity that interests and motivates you. By mixing in cycling classes with standard runs either on Tread or on the road,  you’re amping up your cardio, endurance, and strength through cross-training. For the first time in my life, I’m excited to get out for a run at 7AM! Peloton outdoor running classes are great for beginners. They have a large selection of walk+run classes, HIIT (intervals) classes, and 5k prep program.

And finally, to truly beat Quarantine 15 stick to a schedule! Put your activities on the iPhone Calendar, a wall calendar, tell your friends and spouse.. share on social media for accountability and extra push! Good luck!

Ultimate Shopping List for Home Gym:


Free Weights


Resistance Bands


TRX Training Slam Ball (6-50lbs)




Non Slip Yoga Mat


Yoga Blocks


BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle 3-Pack


Hydro Flask Watter Bottle 24 oz.


5 in 1 Foam Roller Set (includes Massage Roller with End Caps, Muscle Roller Stick, Stretching Strap, Double Lacrosse Peanut, Spikey Plantar Fasciitis Ball)


Peloton Bike or Tread (use code HR98U5)

Is Peloton really worth it?


Power Cage (Squad Rack) with weight bench


Compact Folding Treadmill


TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System


Bosu Balance Trainer


PHYLLEXI Yoga Wheel for Stretching


Cryotex Massage Gun


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