Sonoma Wine Country Elopement

Why we chose an intimate elopement wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy tasks. For me, it’s about showcasing your values, passion and style for your guests. It must feel authentic and true to the couples’ personalities. 

Sonoma Wine Country Elopement
Sonoma Wine Country Elopement
  • Personal attention and intention. We wanted to make this special day about us and our closest friends and family. Spending hours trying to say hi to every single guest is difficult even with a 20 person guest list, imagine doing that with 150 guests? 8 hours later, we’d still be walking from chair to chair.
  • Less Drama. Or so we thought. I guess there will always be that one person that wants to make the day about themselves and their needs and wants, but at least it’s just one person, right? Avoiding family drama while putting together a seating chart is a pain. So instead of “being rude” about not inviting less favorable family members, we just stuck with the immediate family. For any future friends that will get married, remember – you wedding day is about you and the love you have for your partner. Fuck the selfish assholes.
  • Valuing time with our friends vs putting on a show. I’m not the person that likes standing in front of hundreds of people, I’d much rather spend quality time with people I actually love and want to be a part of my day.
  • Less Stress of Planning. Wedding planning IS stressful no matter how big or small the event is. But knowing that your planner has it under control is a great benefit. With a smaller wedding, we had everything under control months in advance and I actually LOVED planning the event. That being said, a great planner is necessary on the day of the wedding to take the extra anxiety off your shoulders.
  • Authenticity. Again, we’re just not the people that want to be in the center of attention and plan every single minute of the wedding to a T. It was nice to have time to speak to the guests and catch up, get quality photos taken without rushing, and enjoy a delicious dinner. From what I hear, typically the bride and groom rarely get time to actually eat during their wedding so we were all about a sit down family style dinner with our closest friends and parents.
  • It feels good to break the rules. In my opinion, your wedding is your day that you get to make into what you want it to be. Be selfish – invite the people that you actually want to see, make your own playlist, decorate the venue how YOU want it to look. Don’t worry about other peoples opinions or feelings for that matter. It’s your wedding. Don’t let anyone to fuck it up. BOOM!
Sonoma Wine Country Elopement
Sonoma Wine Country Elopement


Minted for Save the Date, Invitations and other stationary. Minted has a huge variety of options for all needed paper goods and stationery. Obviously, we were focused on the wine country theme and were able to find beautiful Save the Date and invitations to match our style and color palette.

Quintana Events and Alex in particular are THE BEST. As much as I loved planning my wedding, having Alex coordinate all the details between vendors and being there day of to make sure everything went smoothly was a blessing. 

Hannah Berglund Photography is an amazing Bay Area photographer with a distinct style and unbelievable work ethic. Hannah is based in Livermore and is booked years in advance for Bay Area weddings, elopements and family photos.

AMC music and lawn games provided the music and lawn games for the guests to enjoy during the reception and after dinner. Nothing like watching grandma school everyone at cornhole! Make sure they can pronounce bride’s name though.

Fig Catering dinner and dessert – OMG! The family style dinner they provided was delicious. The hors d’oeuvres and dessert were amazing as well. I wish I could eat it all over again.

Better Together Calligraphy made the cutest signs for the wedding such as the welcome signs, directions, Polaroid station and dessert station. Loved it!

Cline Cellars is an incredible venue that works for a variety of wedding options. We chose the intimate Adobe patio area, however, they also offer a Great Lawn and Barrel Room set ups for large events. Plus, the wine is delicious!

JVerro Villa is the perfect house for host your wedding party or just bride a groom. It’s located steps away from Cline Cellars (literally, steps away. No need to drive). It’s a beautiful property with a pool and hot tub and works well for a pre or post wedding brunch, photoshoots and rewinding after the big day. PS. Unfortunately, the house was sold a few months ago.

Sonoma Wine Country Elopement
Sonoma Wine Country Elopement

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