How does microblading work and is it worth it?

What is microblading? How does it work? 

If you have naturally blonde, pale brows and/or they are not full enough… You need microblading!

Microblading is a new-ish technique used to create natural looking brows that are semi permanent. You can think of it as a brow tattoo that needs to be touched up every year or so. It creates the perfect brows, the artist uses a super thin pen to simulate the brow and create a flattering shape.

The first time I went in for microblading I was a bit nervous. I mean, someone is cutting into your face. But I got so extremely lucky to have Ari at Studio Revival to introduce me to her art.

Microblading after touch up
Before and After

Ari is a kind, patient and easy to talk to microblading artist based in Sonoma County. She is a MA by day which made me feel at ease knowing she won’t damage my face.

The process starts with a discussion of the look you want and then the artist will use a pencil to draw in the shape and hair strokes. Ari did a great job giving me fuller brows that are even and long. My natural brows never had “tails” so I fell in love with the look right away.

Once the shape is agreed upon and drawn in, you’ll get your brows numbed which takes about 30 min. During that time you can just lay down or sit up, which ever is more comfortable. Your brows will be covered in placative film to protect the pencil strokes and shape.

Once you’re all good and numb, the “cutting” begins. I did not have any discomfort during the actual microblading process. It’s rather painless but you do feel a funny noise of the blade going through the hair. I would not call it painful. Your main job here is to be still and make sure not to have any coffee or alcohol for 24 hours before. Even a couple sips of coffee will make the skin bleed more than needed which will cause the artist to wait until the bleeding stops, etc, etc. Very important! 

My first session took about 30 min to fill in the shape which was much faster than I expected. Ari is amazing at making the strokes look so natural and I finally had the brows I never had!

The first 10 days, you need to follow the directions of the artist such as no scratching, itching, stay away from the sun, etc. Very similar to getting a tattoo done! The first week your brows will look a few shades darker which can be scary but once the scabbing is done you will see them come back just like promised. Some people experience complete “lose” of brows but mine stayed on pretty well during the scabbing.


Microblading Sonoma County
Microblading Day 1

After the healing process is done, you’re good for about two months. It’s absolutely necessary to go back for the touch up session to fix anything that needs to be fixed or adjusted. My touch up was very easy and fast.

Once you’re done with the original 2 sessions, you won’t need another touch up for about a year (plus minus a few months depending on your daily routine and skin care).

I wasn’t able to get a touch up for almost 2 years due to the wild fires in Sonoma in late 2019 and then the state being shut down for COVID. That being said, the shape of the brows was still there and  it was not difficult to get them touched up and darkened.


Microblading Sonoma County
Microblading day 1

Over all, I think that the process of microblanding is extremely easy and painless especially if you go to the right specialist. I’ve always had terrible eyebrows that were too light and oddly shaped. Microblading literally saved me and gave my brows and eyes a new life.

I cannot recommend Ari at Studio Revival enough. If you’re a Sonoma local make sure to reach out to her for your microblading needs. Cheers!

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