Wine Country Inspired Date Ideas

Never Stop Dating…

If you ask any person about a marriage advice, they’ll most likely say “never stop dating your spouse”. I agree. I think it’s one of the ways to keep a sense of adventure and discovery, even after years of dating and marriage.

One of the first things that my husband and I connected on is our love for exploring new places. On one of our first dates and a few bottomless mimosas we were discussing our future trip to the Greek islands. Guess what? That was exactly where we spent 2 weeks of our honeymoon.

Now, you can’t always pack up and go to Greece. Especially with the way 2020 is turning out to be. However, what you can do is to plan a few fun adventures that are exciting and comply with the social distancing needs of modern day dating.

Wine Country Inspired Date Ideas
Wine Country Inspired Date Ideas


  1. Plan a romantic picnic with easy to transport snacks like cheese and salami, crackers, a bottle of wine or champagne. Pack a large blanket to lay on, a portable speaker and a game or books.
  2. Go on a hike or run on a new trail. Don’t forget to bring masks and make sure both people are comfortable with the trails distance and difficulty. This one time, we went hiking in Redwood City while I was wearing flats and a dress because some husband aren’t that good with visual cues on the comfort lol.
  3. Create your own cooking class. Pick a dish that you’ll both want to make from scratch but also not too out of comfort zone. A lot of Italian dishes are made to be a family activity (both cooking and eating) so this is a fun way to go. Homemade fettuccini anyone?
  4. Go for a drive. Rent a sexy, fast car and drive around wine country. The coastline is a gorgeous place to go for a long drive and keep away from others. With multiple overlooks and vistas, you will be able to snap a few beautiful photos of you and bea by the ocean. I recommend Bodega Bay Area around 6AM for the golden hour lighting and empty roads. Unique Adventures in Sonoma County
  5. Get a Michelin Star level takeout to enjoy at home. With the indoor dining being off limits in wine country, many top rated restaurant offer their amazing dishes to go. I don’t know about you, but I would love to have a meal from Single Thread or Atelier Crenn at home in the comfort of my couch and puppies. It’s a great excuse to pop one of those “special occasion” bottle you’ve been saving.
  6. Host your own wine tasting. Instead of drinking a few glasses of your usual wine while watching TV, put on a wine country worthy tasting! Pick up to 6 bottles to sample or come up with a cute blind tasting experience to test your knowledge in wine and get a little competitive.
  7. Opt outside for a day on the river. Get active while still being away from others. Russian River offers plenty of options to rent kayaks or paddle boards to spend a day on the water. Summer Activities in Sonoma County



These are just a few easy date ideas that are perfect for recreating your wine country getaway or just adding a bit more fun to quarantining with your partner or spouse.

Book paddle boards and kayaks here
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Share your favorite date ideas in the comments below. Cheers!

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