Truth about Returning to SFO during the Corona Outbreak

  1. The airplane is sanitized prior to boarding.
  2. Air France gave everyone a hand-wipe after take off.
  3. Most people sanitized their seats and general area with alcohol wipes as soon as they boarded.
  4. Only half the people (if that) wore masks and most of the staff didn’t.
  5. SFO lets people out of the plane in groups of 10. Depending on how full the flight is, you might be stuck in the plane with everyone else for an hour or more.
  6. We had to fill out a form telling them if we had any symptoms of the Coronavirus and if we had travelled to Iran or China recently. We provided our name, address, and the names of people we were traveling with.
  7. Once out of the plane, a EMT took the form and told us to quarantine at home for 2 week and call in if things get worse.
  8. At Customs, the Homeland Security agent went over the same items with you again.
  9. No Coronavirus tests were done or made available at SFO.
  10. No lines at SFO.

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