Travel Essentials

Genius Pack Hardside Luggage Spinner

Why I love this? Very lightweight and stylish luggage with laundry compartment and pockets for socks/cables, etc.


AmazonBasics 4 Piece Packing Travel Organizer Cubes Set

Why I love this? Extra cubes to organize all of your clothes, tech and shoes. 


Foam Neck Pillow with Eye Masks & Earplugs

Why I love this? Most pillow hurt my neck but this one is so comfortable and supportive. The eye mask is perfect for longer flights to help you sleep.



Travel Safe Disinfecting Wipes

Ummm. Hello Coronavirus. 


Neutrogena Cleansing Facial Wipes

Why I love this? I love the smell and texture of this wipes. Always makes my face feel fresh and clean.


Portable Charger

Why I love this? This charges is lightweight and fits on almost any purse, works great on the go.



Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Because water is life. Or wine. 



Apple AirPods Pro

Why I love this? I find AirPods or AirPod Pros the most comfortable in my ears and the quality is amazing. 



Audible Membership

Why I love this? As much as I love to read a real book, Audible is perfect for listening to books on the go. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 4.20.32 PM.png


Comfortable shoes

Why I love this? I’m a Nike fan and always find their shoes to be the most comfortable and light. 


Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 5.51.55 PM

Nike Womens Tanjun Running Sneaker

Nike Tanjun Men

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