Is Peloton Bike worth it?

If you're interested in trying out the bike or three, use my code 
HR98U5 for a $100 OFF accessories. You will love it.

How did all this started?

I used to be addicted to SoulCycle. I lived across the street from the Marin studio and loved going there at least once a week. On a good week I’d go 3 times! I loved the music, dark studio and the energy of the instructors, but after a while, I realized that there are more convenient options available.

This got me thinking about the Peloton bike. It took me a few month to go for it but I have not had any regrets. The bike itself cost about $2,550 which you can finance with 0% APR via Affirm. You will also want to get some accessories from them like shoes or weights. They offer different packages for purchasing the bike with accessories based on what you need and how many people will actually use the bike regularly.

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What do I need to purchase?

I ended up buying the bike with the floor mat and heart rate monitor. I recommend getting the floor mat to save your floors/carpet. Their crew will install everything for you at the time of delivery.

The weights can be purchased elsewhere, like Amazon. I have 4 lbs weights I use, however 2 lbs will be just enough. Trust me.

The shoes can be purchased from another brand from REI or Amazon, you’ll need to also purchase a 3 bolt cleat like a SPD-SL or LOOK Delta. I ordered a pair from Amazon and they didn’t fit well. As a result, I ended up buying the Peloton shoes and I’m really happy with the fit and quality.

Why I love my Peloton?


Placed right in your living room or garage, you don’t even have to leave your house. It’s available to you to use 24/7. Anytime I catch myself bored on the couch, I go for a easy 15 min ride or one of the 30-45 min classes.


Paying $58-100 per month for the bike financing plus $39 subscriptions is less than people spend on the gym, and it’s definitely cheaper than SoulCycle. Personally, I was spending the same amount at SoulCycle in a week vs a month with Pelo.

SoulCycle is $36, Cyclebar is $25), or you buy a 20-class package from Soulcycle for $600.


You can choose from different class options like HIIT, Tabata, Beginner Rides, and many, many more. I never feel stuck doing the same work out. You can even “just ride” while watching Netflix.

Real Time Metrics.

You can see your progress and stats for every class you take. Heart rate, speed, miles, etc. You also have a leaderboard for an extra push if you’re the competitive type.

Not just cycling.

I think people often assume that Peloton is just spinning. Nope. You have access to thousands of yoga classes, weight training, indoor and outdoor running, bootcamps, and cardio. All for $39 per month.

Apply Watch compatible.

Lastly, Peloton just came out with their own app for the Apple Watch which makes tracking your workouts and stats even easier.


If you're interested in trying out the bike or three, use my code 
HR98U5 for a $100 OFF accessories. You will love it.


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