Dog Boarding in Sonoma County

Planned a trip and now you’re not sure what to do with your pups?

Finding the perfect dog boarding can be a stressful task. I know it’s difficult to leave your dogs alone. Especially if you’re leaving for more than just a couple of days. I’m so protective of my dogs and just can’t trust a random stranger to take care of them.

Have large dogs or behavioral problems?

I have two large dogs. One is a 3 year old German Shepherd that isn’t as social as many  other dogs, so for him I had to find a “private” room. My other dog is a year old Shepherd mix rescue and has severe separation anxiety. Definitely not an easy pair to take care of for a stranger.

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So here’s my top two dog boarding options in Sonoma County:

I came across two amazing ranches in the area and as soon as I reached out to them, I knew they would be perfect for the job.

Dairy Dell Ranch is a fun place for your dogs to live at while you’re away. They have a great selection of “room” options. For example, we chose the “Miss Kitty’s” Private Suites. This type of stay features at-will access to a private room or spacious outdoor run. A comfortable bed, heating and air-conditioning. How great is that?!

Another thing I loved about Dairy Dell is that they offer complimentary day to see how the dogs are acting at the ranch to make sure they get the best care possible.

Moreover, Dairy Dell also offers a variety of trainings, swimming in pool, farm walks, brain games and agility training. Located on a farm in Petaluma, it’s easily accessible.

Another great dog boarding place in Sonoma is the Four Paws Pet Ranch in Santa Rosa. They offer a variety of pet boarding options including private room for less social pups.

Four Paws also supports great causes. For instance, a portion of all proceeds support Countryside Rescue, a non-profit rescue and adoption center based at the ranch.

Similar to Dairy Dell, you can opt for a private suite for your dog. Family dogs can stay together to avoid anxiety and stress.

Both places allow you to bring the food your dogs love or you can use the food provided by the ranch. My dogs are on strict raw diet (Stella and Chewy) and they are able to keep it refrigerated and fresh for them.

Four Paws Pet Ranch

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