Travel Bucket List. Revisited.

It’s been over a year since my last post about traveling. It’s time to revisit and see if any of my plans came to life.

Here’s the list I posted in 2018:

  1. Greece. Already booked for 2019. Did it! Honeymoon was amazing! 
  2. Ireland. MUST go like now. Did that too! January in Dublin did not disappoint. 
  3. Iceland
  4. France. Booked for March 2020 – taking my mom too, for her birthday. 🙂 
  5. Japan
  6. Portugal
  7. Croatia
  8. Germany
  9. Argentina
  10. Brazil
  11. Peru
  12. New Zealand

Well guess what?! 2 countries down and 1 more booked for 2020. I think that’s a pretty good pace. If you’ve heard of Scott’s Cheap Flights, you know how addicting and exciting it is to find a new deal. For my next international trip, I was able to book a round trip to Paris for only $275! Crazy! I’m so excited to cross another destination off my list.

Funny story. Before I actually booked the flight to France, I saw so many great deals that I had to write the destinations down and draw from a bowl. Paris won!


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