Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

You know, you can reinvent yourself anytime you want.
After starting to focus on my health and fitness earlier this year, I’m officially a wellness coach. This adventure began when I joined an accountability group to stay focused and determined. Little did I know that this new hobby will turn into a bigger passion and even a job. I’ve met new friends from all over the country, committed to an intense weight lifting program and a new healthy lifestyle.
Love it or hate it, this is an exciting point in my life and I want to share it with friends. I’m happy to commit to these changes and build a future for my family.
I’m a coach. I’m building team Weights Over Wine so can help more people feel the empowerment.
Everyone deserves a new start, support and love. Please comment or DM if you want to join me. I’m happy to provide more info and insight on my new adventure.

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