Getting into Whole30 diet

Hi everyone,

Today I want to share how I’m getting used to the Whole30failing it, and starting again.

First of all, one day I realized that my wedding is in about 8 months, I’m 15 pounds over my ideal weight, and I’ve never felt less comfortable and confident in my life. Adding 3-4 SoulCycle classes per week and lifting weights was not really doing much… One last thing left to do was actually take a look at my diet and nutrition.

When I started, everything was going according to the plan… Of course, I felt like I was starving for the first 4 days. Then, on day 5 I couldn’t even get up from bed and had zero energy to function at a normal level. After that, things started to get better – I got more energy, discovered more products that I like to eat, found brands that are Whole30 approved (Primal Kitchen).

On day 13, I had lost about 6-7 pounds (I know, I know you’re not supposed to check on the progress during the program) and was feeling amazing. Then, I made one of the worst mistakes – Labor day feast! All my work basically went to shit. After spending two days eating carbs and drinking wine, I came home feeling miserable.

Not only did all of my progress went away, I also realized it’s even harder to go back to the original diet and keep at it. It took me another two days to get my mind set on following the diet again.

Today, I am fully committed to the diet and getting my life back on track. Physically and mentally.

Menu for the day:

  • Coffee (no milk)
  • Cucumber sandwiches with prosciutto
  • Lettuce wrapped Beef sliders with bell peppers.

I will keep my progress updates here to keep myself accountable and committed. After all, that dress needs to fit perfectly.



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